General Conditions of Sale

General Conditions of sale

Acceptance of these conditions
The Buyer accepts these conditions of sale each time it submits an order. No change shall be made to these conditions without Morganico Company’s prior agreement.

Respecting the delivery time 
Morganico commits to respecting the delivery time provided at the time of taking the order.
The delivery time shall be calculated according to the product’s final destination. Morganico commits to delivering the product to the address indicated on the order form. Prior to delivery, the product shall be inspected meticulously, and Morganico promises that the quality of the product shall be top-grade, delivered in appropriate packaging.

The prices of products are subject to change according to market fluctuations.

For international orders, he Buyer shall pay for its order at the rate of 60% at the time of order and 40% at the time of delivery of the order. All sample orders shall be paid in a single payment prior to delivery. After placing an order, the cost of the samples will be deducted from the bill/invoice. Payments shall be made either by bank transfer, by Paypal or via Western Union money order to the account number indicated on the Pro Forma invoice that Morganico provides as confirmation of the Buyer’s order.

The production time shall be a minimum of one week or more according to the volume of the order. Production shall commence upon the reception of the payment.

Product risks
Provided Morganico’s products are used before the indicated date of expiration ( 24 months for the cosmetic oil), there is absolutely no risk to health.

Morganico commits to providing proof that the product has been inspected and approved by the health authorities of the country concerned. If a problem should arise, the Buyer should go directly to the local health authorities. Morganico company is free of all responsibility from the moment the product has been approved by the health authorities.

Four steps to a fast delivery

  1. Complete the order form. Click the submit button to send out the order to Morganico company.
  2. In return, Morganico will e-mail the pro-forma invoice, detailing the cost of the goods ordered, bank charges and transport costs, and indicating the bank account number and order references to make the payment.
  3. Morganico will confirm receipt of the 60% down payment for your order and notify the ship-out date.
  4. Airwaybill number and delivery date will be confirmed to you upon receipt of the payment for the remaining 40%.