Ghassoul (pronounced rassool). Ghassoul is a natural rock clay mineral, 100% organic. The clay is extracted from the only known beds in the world, located in Morocco under the Atlas Mountains near the city of Fès. Ghassoul is rich in magnesium , calcium and potassium. Ghassoul has been used for 12 centuries by north-African and middle-eastern populations. It is used for daily skin and hair care. It is an incontrovertible treatment at the hammam.


  • Ghassoul cleans gently and in-depth thanks to a physical process.
  • Ghassoul is mild cleanser. Unlike soaps and shampoos , Ghassoul contains no surfactants. Once the Ghassoul clay is applied to the skin on the face and body, it acts as a blotter by absorbing grease particles and impurities.
  • Ghassoul rids the skin of the deepest impurities. It regulates the sebum (without irritating the sebaceous glands).
  • It is hypoallergenic and particularly recommended for sensitive or impure skins. It acts without disrupting the skin’s natural protective barrier.
  • For sensitive scalps and in case of dandruff and greasy hair, it will balance the scalp without attacking the hair’s natural protection. Hair will become shiny and toned, with some increased volume.
  • Among all dermatological clays, Ghassoul is the one with the lowest level of calcium and aluminum oxide. This unique characteristic allows one to use it as a mask on the area around the eyes.


100% natural, harvested in preserved areas, exempt from pollution, and naturally sun-dried, the clay is then pulverized and sifted to obtain a very fine powder rich in minerals.

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