Common uses:

Verbena essential oil has been used for cramps, indigestion, liver congestion, anxiety, insomnia, nervous tension and stress related conditions. The dried leaves are still used as a popular household tea in Europe as a refreshing, uplifting drink and to restore the liver after a hang-over. It is also popular in France, Europe, and USA in perfumery and citrus colognes.

Botanical name: Lippia citriadora
INCI: Lippia citriodora leaf/flower oil
CAS No: 8024-12-2
EINECS No: 285-515-0
Country of origin: Morocco
Extraction method: Steam Distilled
Part used: Leaves
Color: Golden yellow transparent liquid
Gravity: 0.886 to 0.920
Major constituents: Verbenone, linalool, geranial.

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