Who we are

Born in the well known natural area of Essaouira, Morganico produces and exports different range of products made from plants and trees of Morocco.

The geography and climate, which is governed by the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the desert in the south and its three main mountain ranges; allows Morocco to host a complete range of Mediterranean climates and soils that promotes an extremely rich biodiversity, including an impressive variety of aromatic plants (both Mediterranean classics or endemic species).

Therefore, Morganico is gathering the best production that obeys the highest quality standards of the raw material selection and it process of transformation.

Morganico allie the wisdom of Moroccan traditions and the modern medicine, aromatherapy and phytotherapy, Our aim is to spoil and treat your skin, awaken your senses with Moroccan natural products.

Morganico is involved in sustainable development and contribute in socio-economic by hiring local employees of Sidi kaouki.